What can I do about being charged for a class that was never registered for?

So my husband applied to go to a trade school and he had met with an advisor to sign up for classes, but had told him to wait until he can see if his credits with transfer. He ended up switching jobs and not needing to go to school here so he never tried transferring his credits or registering. A couple months later he got an email saying he owed money for a class so he called the school and the lady told him he wasn't signed up for classes.

Another couple months went by and we got a letter in the mail demanding that we pay for his tuition by December. He called the school and they told him he signed up online which makes no sense. She said to email the teacher and have him say he never attended so we could get the fees removed. Well, 2 weeks later and we haven't heard anything. Called the school again and this lady said that teacher has been done teaching his class for a few weeks so he won't be on his email. She gave someone else to contact, but he can't get a hold of them either. Now the school won't answer their phone at all. 

I really think it's their mistake and they need to be responsible to get it taken care of, especially if they're giving contact info knowing the teachers won't respond. Also, can't they just pull up an attendence log and see that he's never been?

I am not going to to pay this but I'm scared it's going to really hurt his credit or something. I really don't have the money either

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  • John
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    1 month ago

    You should handle this as if someone was billing you for something you never ordered.  Send both a letter and an email explaining that your husband never registered for classes.  If they continue to insist he registered, request copies of any papers they may have which support their contention.  

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