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What time is used during light duty at work?

I’m going back to work after surgery in a few weeks. My fmla will be exhausted from being off for surgery. My doctor wants me to ease into work with 4 hour shifts instead of regular 8 hour shifts. I’m wondering how the other 4 hours will be covered before i get this form filled out and turned into my job. If it’s fmla it’s a definite no go for me.  I’m worried about contacting my job about it I’d hate to lose my job because my doctor wants to restrict my hours. I’d rather suffer and work a full 8. 

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    Tell your doctor that. If you feel you can do your job without restrictions he should allow you to do it. Of course he's trying to make sure you're fully recovered before going back to your regular activities so you don't injure the injury that's healing (where they cut you, and the work they did).

    The other option you didn't touch on at all is; is there no light duty available at where you work? Do you have to go back to doing your full position or are you able to go back working 8 hours but do lighter duty stuff? That's something you should ask both your job and your doctor if you haven't already.

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    You won't be paid for the other 4 hours. FMLA is unpaid leave. Now- most developed countries have PAID leave for family and personal emergencies, but Bill Clinton worked out a compromise with a Republican Congress for FMLA and they wouldn't support paid maternity of sick leave above when the employee had earned. .

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