Help me identify this hidden object game!?

The hidden object game I’m looking for was either made by bid fish or popcap I think and is at least 5 years old. I vaguely remember it but I’ll try to explain it at best I can. I remember there being a dollhouse level and the dollhouse looks all run down on the outside and inside but once you complete the level, it’s back to brand new. There is also a level with tin man or robot and he’s run down and broken but after you finish the level he’s back to brand new. That’s pretty much the premise of the game. I think it was to represent someone’s mental state or how things are going in the game but once you clear a level everything looks better and brighter. I think it also had to do with a woman or a little girl, I think she ran away or is a ghost. Super vague I know but I want to find this game so bad!

1 Answer

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