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Why do I keep getting yeast infections?

I seem to get yeast infections incredibly often, and I'm starting to worry it is just the same infection with symptoms flaring up at different times. If that's the case then I've had the same yeast infection for a while now. I got STD tested several months ago, as I was worried I had been exposed to Chlamydia. They gave me medicine for Chlamydia, and I completed the full dosage. My results ended up being negative, so I never really needed the medication, and as a result I think the medicine gave me an intense yeast infection. 

I haven't had any sexual partners since I last got tested, so I know this isn't an STD, but I'm having yeast infections symptoms...again. I have tried 2 rounds of Monistat over about a course of a month and a half since taking the medication for Chlamydia, and while the symptoms go away, it seems like the infection is triggered again by the slightest things, which means that the Monistat isn't curing the actual infection, and if that's the case then i've had the same infection for months now...Should I go into the doctor and get oral medication? or are there any other remedies to make this thing go away once and for all? 

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    It does sound like you're in some kind of vicious cycle, where the treatment keeps generating more infections.  One thing you said made no sense, though.  If you tested negative for Chlamydia, no sane doc is going to hand out antibiotics just for the hell of it.  Could these have been for some other reason?   I assume you're fully sure you tested negative.  But this doesn't compute.  It's also possible you're building up resistance to the drugs you keep being given.  That can happen with too many antibiotics floating around in your system.  They get in the way of teaching your immune system to fight bad bacteria.

    I do think you need to see a doc, but I'm not your current one is the best idea.  If you don't agree, at least clarify what happened when you were given Chlamydia treatment with negative test results.

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    • Lana2 months agoReport

      I was already on the meds when the test came back negative, so taking the medicine I ended up not needing gave me the infection. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You can get yeast infections from not cleaning your vagina properly. You can also get them from having sex with someone who has a dirty penis.

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