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Being obsessed with someone you barely know...?

I knew this man 7 years ago and since then I can't stop thinking about him, it's an obsession. On a first time I was slighty in love, but after his reject I've become morbidly attached to him. I begun to stalk him on socials. The problem is that he seems to return the same interest. He never blocked or ignored me, while in reality he seemed taken by fear or even terror every time we effectively met.

In short, he refused me, and we don't know each other except by name (neither in person), but despite that we seem obsessed reciprocally, each one for a different reason.

One thing is that I see him everywhere, everytime I go out, even if lately I stopped being 'in love' with him.

What do you think about that?


He stalks me on socials too.

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    i would leave him alone if hes not interested

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