Are the following appropriate for small talk?

Especially if your interlocutor is a private person. Your interlocutor doesn't know what to say, especially after the only answer they could think of on the spot would necessitate a longer or more confidential answer.

•"Are you getting your permit?" (to someone who's about to turn the legal driving age soon)

•"What have you been up to lately?" (to someone you see twice a year right after you ask, "How are you?")

•"What do you want for Christmas?" (no more than 2 months before that holiday)

•"Do you drive yet?" (to someone you see twice a year who's between the ages of 16-20)


I like to think that if you want to be friendly/polite, you should just stick with a "How are you?"

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  • 1 month ago
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    i dont see anything wrong with that

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