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Is Showbox not working ?

My girlfriend has this app called Showbox where she can watch every movie for free. Lately she's had a tough time getting it to work it keeps saying " connection error ". Her cousin has it she says it works for her. She doesn't understand why it won't work for her anymore she's got a Samsung Galaxy s5. Her cousin I think has the same phone.  She's got satellite Internet so it should work. She said it hasn't been the last few months. She wants to know if it's down or if something is wrong with it ?

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    Illegal apps like Showbox exist for one reason - to infect the devices they're installed on with malware.  Criminals don't supply stolen goods out of the good ness of their hearts.  They want passwords, credit card numbers and more.  Anyone stupid and greedy enough to use these apps gets what they deserve.  She needs to format her phone, and potentially set up an alert with any credit cards she's used on that phone as well as secure insurance against identity theft.  Think of it as karma.

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