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I had to sacrifice my usb 3 card for my graphics card?

My motherboard had a pcie x2 that I used for my usb 3 card that enabled my computer to have usb 3 ports.

I had to remove it to install the bulky graphics card. 

So my computer is stuck with usb 2 ports.

Can I survive with my computer having no usb 3 ports?

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    All USB 3 devices currently on the market are compatible with USB 2.  They will just run at a slower speed.

    For things like a USB memory stick, or transferring pictures between your phone and your PC, the difference is not going to be noticeable.  It might 16 seconds to transfer a large data folder, instead of 15 seconds.

    Unless you are running games or applications from an external USB hard drive, you are unlikely to notice a real difference.

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  • 2 months ago

    Of course you can.

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