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Please help me understand calories in 100g Jiraporn pumpkin chips. According to the package its 430 calories per 40 which does not make sens?

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    1 month ago

    Nutritional info on packages can be incorrect. If it is correct that there are 430 calories per serving, then a serving would be 50g, not 40g (for a 100g bag). We can't know what's correct. Look at the ingredient list.  Pumpkin itself is low in calories (about 26 cals/100g of raw) so the calories in the chips would come from oil and any other additives. 

    Fat has 9 cal/gram so see what the total fat grams for the bag is and that'll give you an idea (if that info is correct). 

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  • Logan
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    1 month ago

    You are correct - it is not possible for 40 grams of anything to have 430 calories.  Even if it were all fat, 40 grams would only be 360 calories.  If it does not have a Nutrition Facts Label, I don't think you should eat it.    

    • Shlomit1 month agoReport

      label indicates 2 servings per bag and 430 calories per serving. This makes no sense

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