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Is it normal for her to be this cautious agewise?

I met a woman who came across as introverted, but also as confident and happy. She is 34 years old, but looks at least a few years younger, which is my age. I do not mind the age difference. I like her because we seemed to have several things in common. We would most likely get along great together. She does seem to like me judging by her behavior and she also knows that I am interested in her.

It seems like she has never been in a relationship, because she spent much of her 20s studying and working a lot. When it comes to dating and speaking to men that she likes, she is unusually nervous and unsure. She has passed up on chances to get to know me more because of this. I have not seen her in a long while, because she had to change jobs due to stress. I do not have a way of contacting her, but she still knows where to find me. According to her friends she still likes me but is still too nervous and unsure to try and even see me. Women usually are quite confident, open and honest in their 30s. She is not seeing anyone else either last time I heard. Is it really possible for someone her age to be like this?


She has not been through much stress anymore.

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    It all depends on what she has been through in her life for the last 34 years. The fact that she changed jobs due to stree shows she is quite fragile and not sure of herself. Just be a friend for now.

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    It's her life so she can live it as she likes.

    So she likes you.It means little.

    Let her go.

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