Question on getting my last paycheck and quitclaim?

I need advice.

I was terminated by my employer last October due to redundancy. 

My Notice of Termination said that I will receive redundancy pay with my last pay.

I'm already done with my clearance and yesterday, an HR employee emailed me my ITR, COE, Final Pay package and quitclaim waiver.They said I need to sign those documents and pass it to the HR in order for them to credit my last pay and redundancy pay.

They told me I should sign the quit claim waiver which states that the company has already paid me, BUT they haven't payed me yet.

The HR told me it was a new process implemented by finance.

I'm scared of being duped.

Should I sign the quit claim waiver before I get my last paycheck? What can I do?

Hope you can kindly advice.

Thank you so much.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    Your fine, just make darn sure you get a hard copy of the quit claim waiver. As long as you have that you have evidence of their offer (agreement). If they refuse to pay it after that you can easily sue them for it. They would have to produce a canceled check with your signature on it to prove they paid you per that offer. They would not attempt to forge their own check to you, the negative ramifications are too great. Even if they claim they mailed you that check they know a lawsuit would easily force them to send you another check. They don't want that and it is very unlikely they would attempt to get out of paying you what they offered.

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  • 1 month ago

    Take the forms to HR and tell them you'll sign if they can produce your final pay check.

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