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I have to talk to the  director I auditioned for about a separate project, what do I do?

Yesterday was my Senior (last high school) audition for the spring musical. After I got through singing heard (one of the three directors) say “that was bad” (accidentally! I didn't want to eavesdrop but it stinks to hear someone say you are bad after you sing bc who else would they be talking about...) and who she said it to looked at me then hid their faces with her binder. I’m insecure about singing but not acting so I tried to not let this bother me because we still had to dance. So I danced in the front line the first time — I had practiced this over and over for the past week and it was good every time. I did the first two moves and then drew a blank still smiling. I was in the back row the 2nd time did it perfectly without looking at others!

Note: I’ve been involved with the other school productions throughout my school career plus districts & have earned excellents and superiors in my events. 

But today (the day the cast list goes up) I have to talk one on one with the same teacher due to an in class project 

 I feel like I won’t make ensemble because it’s a musical and you have to dance understandably... but then they told a cohort “they already know what we are capable of” so I am a bit salty considering this cohort hasn’t been involved since the beginning of high school. But I did make the musical last year so hopefully it’ll be in my favor 

 I’ve been involved & respect tech but I don’t think it is as included/appreciated  in our productions as they think. 


It turned out ok! 

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    If you have to talk to the director/teacher about something else, then you talk to her about that and do not mention the audition.  You do not bring it up if she does not.

    From experience as director, if I have worked with a person before, a bad audition does not mean they will not get a/the role.  I can balance that audition against what i know about them from before.  I will pick someone who may be "ok" for the ensemble if I know they are reliable, will work hard and give their all.  

    Personally, I tend to like the "tech" over the stage.  I find that a lot more creative and fun.  I occasionally will take minor roles just for fun.  But I would rather produce, direct and do the techs.

    (They tend not to cast me for a lot of musicals because I am legally deaf.  that does not work too well for singing and dancing. LOL)

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    What do you do about what?

    You talk about the separate project and nothing else.

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