Pregnancy announcement ideas for my family this Christmas? ?

I’m gonna be 14 weeks pregnant on Christmas Day, I’m so excited as is my partner! We want ideas as to how we can announce our pregnancy to our family, I think my mum already suspects because I’m so sick lol, but for my partners family and my brothers etc what can make it special? On Christmas Eve they are all coming to our house for dinner, his family and mine, and I wanna be creative as possible, I’m thinking off putting a collar on our dog or something, as he’s gonna be a big brother lol,  any ideas?? Thanks :) 

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  • sarah
    Lv 4
    1 month ago

    I don't know if they have them this year, but last year, Hobby Lobby had ornaments shaped like little onesies that said something like "I'm gonna be a grandma/grandpa." Those would be cute for the grandparents-to-be. You could also buy plain onesies and paint, "See you soon, grandma/grandpa/etc." on them.

    If you're not opposed to letting one of your brothers in on the secret beforehand and letting him share the spotlight, you could do what my husband and I did with his sister. We got everybody together for dinner, and right before everybody started eating, she stood up and was like, "I have something to tell everybody...I'm gonna be an aunt." It was fun to watch everybody's faces while they processed what she had said and then realized that she was talking about us, lol.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Gift mugs. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle,  Cousin etc 

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  • 1 month ago

    Don't be that person.

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