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My PC is giving me a long time beeping codes?

Hi, today i started computer and went well..after 5 mins later monitor gone shut off itself and then i restarted it again the display doesnt come..

I even tried reseat ram and put it other slots. It started 20+ times beeping. I googled it but i cannot find 20+ beeping issues. When i try to start without a ram same problem (beeping) there.

I think its processor or motherboard or somewhere im missing i dont know yet.

Can you guys guess what im missing?

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  • 1 month ago

    A hardware fail didn't pas the power on self test. the beeps are codded suggesting the problem.

    Your machine makers web site you can find these bios beep codes and what they mean.

    Sounds like your display card is not right.

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  • 1 month ago

    If it's giving out continuous beeps that is an indicator that one or both of your memory modules is faulty. Try starting up with one stick at a time. Best plan is to buy new memory.

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  • keerok
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    1 month ago

    Continuous beeping is usually either the RAM or video card (RAM on the video card). Remove the video card and connect the monitor to the built-in video port on the motherboard. See if it works (no beeps).

    If that is not an option, just take off the card and start. If the beep sounds different , it's the video card. If it's the same, turn off, remove all RAM sticks and start. Take note of the beep. Turn off again and put back just one RAM stick, turn on and listen to the beep. If it's the continuous one like before then turn off and take off the RAM and put aside. Try another RAM stick (one at a time). Separate them according to beep pattern. If you have at least one RAM stick that works, video goes on, PC starts to boot, etc. That's the good RAM. Those that make beeps that sound like before are damaged. Replace them with exactly the same specs. Brand can be different.

    If nothing works then it's most probably the motherboard already. Bummer! Might be easier to buy a new computer instead.

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  • 1 month ago

    RAM only works when the first stick goes nearest the processor and other sticks go out from there.

    Go to your computer manufacturer's website and look up the beep codes (also called POST codes, for Power On Self Test).  Then at least you'd know what the beeping was for.  It's not always memory!

    If it is memory (or you don't know), start with one stick of memory, closest to the processor and see if it boots up.  If it does, try two, and etc.

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