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I want to transfer stores but who I tell first?

So I want to move to a different as my current store gives me two many night which is spoiling my sleeping pattern and social life. The store I want to move to staff were really nice and store was more chilled out also more social hours. Do I tell the manager of the store first or current manager and what do I say to them?

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    If this is the kind of store most people know of, you don't need to tell anyone at all. Just go to the other one as you please. Then again, you mentioned something about spoiling your sleeping pattern and social life. What does the store have to do with that? Try translating again. I think you got it wrong.

    If you're talking about a bar then it's all up to you. No one's stopping you from leaving so you can get to sleep early. Why blame them for your lack of sleep. Why depend on them for your social life even? There are other places. You don't need a chill place to do social activities. Chill should be wherever you are at!

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