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How to avoid Gynocologist visit?

Is there any tests that aren't completely invasive? My doctor said I need to do a gyno visit before renewing my birth control. The thought of the gyno visit gives me intense anxiety and I start crying. I do not feel I should have to be forced into feeling that way, and would be willing to try any other methods but struggling finding answers online. I understand womens health is important but would like to know all my options. 

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    Why do you need to see an OB/GYN for birth control? GP’s have a little knowledge in that area. Unless there is a serious don’t need to see one

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  • 1 month ago

    You failed to mention what form of birth control you use.

    If it’s an IUD then a gynaecological examination is essential to determine the correct size, shape and type, and also to check for any injuries or irritations caused by the last one and for any potential obstructions such as inter-uterine fibroids.

    If it’s a contraceptive pill, then for many types a gynaecological examination is also essential: the hormones they release can cause rapid growth of certain forms of cancers affecting that part of you. The prescribing physician could face severe legal and professional consequences if a prescription was issued without examination and you later presented with a cancer which could have been detected/prevented by that internal examination. It would be unethical for the prescribing physician to say “the patient didn’t want it”. In those instances the physician should re-explain why the examination is necessary and if the patient refuses the physician should refuse to prescribe.

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      You still have other less effective contraceptive options which do not require internal examination: condoms or femidoms. And if it makes things easier you can demand to be referred to a female physician for any gynaecological examinations.

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