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Lady Di was a good person?

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    Diana like most was a complicated person, neither pure good or pure bad, she was a healthy mix. She was certainly out for herself by choosing to marry a guy for prestige and financial power, and she certainly was loose sexually (3 affairs in her 1st marraige). However,  she was also a great mother to William/Harry, and she did do a lot of charitable work for notiable causes such as poverty and aides in Africa before her death in 1997.

    What I find interesting is alot of people are so quick to condemn Charles for the exact same thing they praise Diana for (ie her affairs, her parenting, her chariable work etc). Everyone bashed Charles for cheating on her, yet nobody says squat about Diana screwing 3 other guys during her marraige! Everyone condemns Charles for his parenting skills, yet Diana gets high marks for being an equal parent with Charles. 

    Diana was complex.

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    We cannot ever know.  Public figures face a media barrage.  Either for them or against them.  The media doing this does not know the whole story any more than we do.  Was she a spoiled rich person or was she a person who used her privileged position to help others?

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