Will I get accepted into my Technical college next fall?

So currently I am a Senior in high school doing Dual Enrollment. I took two courses this semester which I failed one badly, in the 30’s (gave up on it, I know bad choice) And one around in the 60’s. Next semester I decided a couple weeks ago that I was only going to take 1 course, so i won’t have to worry so much about college and high school on top. Now, Since i failed 2 classes in college already I am afraid that I will not get accepted into the same technical college I did dual enrollment with after high school. I feel like my whole life is crashing down. I don’t know what to do? Should i take another class next semester to even it out? 2 fail 2 pass? maybe that’s look better. I talked to the lady that was signing me up for my next classes and she said something about needing to pass 50% of my classes to get accepted again?

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  • Alex
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    1 month ago

    If the subject comes up when you try to enroll, simply explain your situation: you thought you could handle the load of full time high school while taking two classes and you ended up over your head, so you are compensating by reducing your class load.  Unless your technical college has highly competitive admissions where they are only accepting over-achievers (such as Ivy League universities), you should be just fine.

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