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Our nervous system has an incredible capacity for plasticity and repair, but those functions are limited by several factors. Please describe below how damage to MOTOR and SENSORY components of the CNS and PNS (4 areas of damage total!) leads to deficits specific to those types of damage (i.e., how the normal function of that component/region is impaired). The CNS vs. PNS motor systems are pretty straightforward, and you may pick whatever sensory system you’d like, but it will be easier if you focus on central and peripheral aspects of the same sensory system. Be sure to describe any defining characteristics of the neurons in those regions – especially in the PNS – e.g., type of axon those neurons have and what neurotransmitter they release. Then, for the CNS vs. PNS regions (you don’t have to differentiate sensory and motor here), describe (1) the likelihood that repair/recovery of function might happen, and (2) what mechanisms contribute to promote or prevent repair in those regions. Here, think about what types of glia are present, and what types of chemical factors are present/released that can either help or hurt the process of neurite repair

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