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How to get rid of wild mice?

The last couple weeks we have seen a little mouse poking around in our room, it's in the basement. We have been reducing what we can food-wise in our room. Trying to figure out a way to get rid of it without hurting the 5 pet rats we have in the house. Does anyone know of a way do achieve this feat? I don't want the rats to be affected but need to catch this little guy before it gets worse. Help!!

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    Mouse trap and make sure to block off wherever the entry point was. (it has to have gotten in from somewhere, find a tiny hole somewhere)

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    • StarShine
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      Another consideration, rats urinate constantly, they don't really stop to pee, they just leave urine trails as they walk. That will most likely keep the majority of mice away from certain areas that the rat goes, but contaminates your home where they go too. Good luck with the mice

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  • 1 month ago

    Train your rats to be mouse killers.

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      I will not let my pet rats kill it as wild rodents carry diseases that can easily be passed to domesticated animals ☹️ not gunna let that happen to my pet

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