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Don't you think that people with highly functional autism / Asperger Syndrome are discriminated more than people with ADHD in employment?

For example, employment in airlines, for example in Poland my country, a man with Asperger's Syndrome, has very little chance to become a airline pilot and even a flight attendant although people with ADHD do not have such problems unless they take medicine, although I know that aviation policy other countries like Ireland, UK or USA, or more precisely, the FAA is more friendly towards people with autism

I am Polish, I have Polish citizenship, I have a Polish disability certificate for Asperger's Syndrome, I was once invited to a recruitment interview, for a cabin crew at Ryanair :-)

I told the recruiter that it would be great that they would invite me, but I probably could not work as a cabin crew because I have a disability certificate, she said that it is irrelevant if I do not have epilepsy or diabetes, and Polish labor law can be circumvented very simply that if I successfully passed the entire recruitment, they would not hire me through their branch in Poland, but their headquarters in Ireland, that they would change my tax residence to Ireland, and I would pay income tax in Ireland for a much lower rate, "and you would still be Polish" I told this woman that even if it's legal, it doesn't seem ethical to Poland our home country.

In the end he tried, but I did not complete the recruitment process :-(

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    i think so too that they might be discriminated more

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    Such people DO NOT BELONG in the cockpit of a commercial aircraft. EVER. The paying passengers don't want it, the insurance companies are against it, and the airlines don't need the liability. If you think that's discrimination, too bad. 

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