What are some of the best home subs I should consider?

This will be for music, and I want to spend $500 or less. I've heard Yamaha is really good, and I can get a good deal on Klipsch. Which ones are the best in that price range?

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  • 1 month ago
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    What amp or home theatre system is it being used with - and what power (RMS) rating are the other channels?

    Assuming the amp is around the 100W per channel range like mine, and it's intended to work with an active sub:-

    I had a Yamaha YST-FSW100 for a few years; that worked very well & though no longer made those are still readily available on ebay (about $100 or less) & possibly some suppliers have them new.

    That was replaced with a B&W MT-60D 5.1 set for the surround speakers, still keeping my big Goodmans Achromat cabs for the main front. That set includes a 400W PV1D sub, but you cannot get that for $500.

    For other current models, look at the Klipsch R-120SW, Yamaha NS-SW050BL or JBL LSR310S - they all get excellent reviews.

    If your amp does not have a low level sub output for an active sub, I'd upgrade that first - passive subs are waste of money for a home system.

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    I know Klipsch makes good stuff, but I own a Polk Audio sub and it is really nice. I got the HTS 10" sub. It's awesome but just lacks the low low low bass (25 hz or lower). Perhaps their 12" version has better extension.

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      I do have Polk bookshelf speakers.  They are pretty good overall.  Thanks for your answer!

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