health and safety or not wanting your opinions please?

Morning , just wanting your input on my question please.

My 2 boys go to a catholic primary school in werribee. The school has decided that all students that need to go to the toilet during class time need to wear a shared vest which there is 2 vests for each class. So these students are wearing the vests while going to the toilet to do there buisness. My opinion on these shared vests are absolutely unhygenic and disgusting as who knows what germs can be lurking on them. I approached the school as to say my kids will not be wearing these shared vests and they said it is a school expectation that they have to wear them. So my boys were holding off on going to the toilet all day but the school didn't seem to care. I had to get my Gastrologist to write a letter to the school so my kids could have there own vest to use as I have Crohns desease and I'm immunosuppressive and not wanting to catch anything from my kids using the shared vests.

I think it is a health and safety thing but the school dosen't think so.

 I would love your opinion  on this matter please.

Thanks Sharon

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  • 1 month ago
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    it is a health and safety thing. many young children are indifferent at best about washing after toileting -- or downright skip doing that

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  • 1 month ago

    Lighten up Sharon! Objecting to the vests based on bacteria is not reasonable because they wear the vests over their clothes. Shaking hands with someone would transfer far more bacteria. You can also just make sure the kids use the restroom EVERY TIME they go out to recess, immediately when they are released from class, which is what they should be doing anyway.

    • sharon1 month agoReport

      I don't think kids would be shaking hands much. And sitting on the toilet  with the hi vis vest on wiping there behinds you don't think is disgusting. Also forgot to mention that the school is doing renovations on the main toilets and there is only 6 toilets for the whole school to use.

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