What is the name of the photographer?

I saw pictures long time ago from a photographer whose name I can’t recall anymore. 

He/she sorted out the elements, which consist the objects and line the things up according to the elements and takes pictures.

What I saw was like....

Fried rice: fried rice was sorted out according to elements, like rice, peas, carrots, onions etc. At the end hundred of grains of rice, then peas, then onions were lined up neatly in the picture


Beach: factors consist the scenery of the beach was sorted out and gathered according to the elements, like toys, children, adults, parasols.

I really wanna see those pictures again and tried to google many times with every single keywords I can come up with but till now end up with reading many different recipes of fried rice. 

Now I can cook pretty good fried rice though.

If any of you know this photographer please let me know!!

Thank you

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