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How to handle breakup?

Around 2-3 weeks ago, my ex broke up with me due to me ‘not putting enough effort in’ and basically making him feel like I didn’t care. It broke my heart when I finally realised how I had been making him feel. I was struggling with depression and stressed about work. We were together for around 7 months, but a 4 hour drive away from eachother. 3 days after the breakup, he started talking to and visiting someone else who was only an hour away. I found it really really hard at first but it inspired me to be better, not bitter. After breaking up, I was never mean or aggressive to him, instead whenever we spoke, I was really positive but he did purposely ignore me sometimes. Especially as of now, I feel like I’ve managed to turn my life back around and I feel happy again, I just wish I could share it with him and make him happy too. When we were together, I had an extreme fear of travelling and only went to his home once, which made him really sad. However, the other day, I built the confidence to travel 200 miles by myself to visit him, just to show him how much I cared. He was surprised and confused but when we spoke, it was friendly. However, he seemed a little weird and distant, especially with him constantly messaging his new interest. I feel happy but I also feel lost; I just want to share my happiness with him and want him to be happy. I don’t want a sad 2 months to end something so special that we had. I’m not sure what to do? 

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    You need to come to peace w the fact that this relationship is over. It's great that you have worked on your issues and you have done things you thought were difficult before, but he doesn't owe you praise or anything. He's moved on and so should you.

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    he is most likely moving on with his life.and so should u.Focus on what you can control—the changes you make today.

    You can become the person you’re capable of becoming today.

    You can create the life you want today.

    Keep bringing yourself to the moment you can do something about: the present moment. In this moment, you can shift your perspective. You can make different choices. You can create the life you want.

    Live less in the futile past and more in the hopefulness of today.

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