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Acer laptop charging issue?

If I need a pro shop to replace the part...which I think is jack socket cable, how much would they charge to replace it?

Should I have it done preemptively?  As I fear being without it if it were to stop charging and I would have to order the part.

I have no experience soldering anything and do not have the tools.

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    With no clue where in the world you are, what type of repairs for computers might be available, what type of money might be asked for (card, cash, precious metal, livestock) or which model Acer could be the problem, no estimate.

    Most power socket faults come from cord yanking.  Try not to.

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  • 1 month ago

    short circuit the issue by having them diagnose and repair at separate times if ordering parts is needed. a local shop should do this [the the chain store guys won't]

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      The part is like $7. So I was thinking order it before I even go in.

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