Is a big solenoid or many little ones stronger?

Assuming you have a set volume of space to work with, would filling it with one large solenoid or a ton of tiny ones provide a stronger pull? My idea was weaving copper wire around slightly thicker iron wires running lengthwise. Is this at all a good idea to test?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    one large one is best, otherwise you have the problem of mechanically linking, which wastes space.

    Iron wire gains you no advantage. weaving? just wind the core with the copper wire. 

    the selection of the exact core material, and the ratio of core size versus thickness of wire layer needs to be calculated, probably by trial and error. The wire size and number of turns is determined by the voltage and current available and the space available. I think that higher voltage is better for efficiency, like hundreds of volts.  Cooling is also an issue, if this is for steady state versus intermittent operation. 

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