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Why are mediocre people impressed by other mediocre people? Is it because they have never experienced greatness?

For example, medicore regular average joes will go to a high school basketball game and rave about how good the players are. They are completely and utterly garbage though when compared to the best NBA players in the world. Or people will see someone fit or above average intelligence and go "WOW, you look great, or wow you are really smart!" But compared to the most muscular and fittest people in the world, or the smartest PhD astrophycisists who work at NASA, they don't even come close. The difference between greatness and mediocrity is huge, especially in those who have specialized in something their entire life, or trained for a sport for 10 hours a day for 20 years straight, compared to the regular joe who has never even been to a gym before or never gotten a PhD

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    Answer #1:  Relative.  If you see a 7 year old bench press 150 lbs, you'd probably say that he is incredibly strong!... relative to other kids his/her age.  So, relative to age, commitment, environment, etc, etc, a person will make such a sentiment.  

    Answer#2:  Had your mother had the same mindset as mentioned in the question, you would have NEVER received ANY compliments growing up as a baby/kid.  These sentiments are often used as compliments, encouragement, etc for social and personal development, and sometimes just for conversation.When you eventually date a girl, and she tells you that you aren't very good looking, you know, compared to models, celebs, etc, and/or when she says that you are pretty small "down there," you know, compared to the top 2% of men, then you'll probably realize the significance of the above Answers.  

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    They like to stay with their own.

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    Simple things please simple minds.  Pro wrestling being the perfect example.

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