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Guysss, does he still wants me ??

My bf broke up with me a week plus ago. And a week after, he talk to me and told me he is confuse and need a space. I gave him that and it lasted 3 daya. Aftee 3 days, he ask me out for lunch. And now, we totally like a normal couple except for skinship(besides normal touch -no kisses/hugs). He acts normal with me. I get mix signal and ask him "what are we now" and he respond me "i dont know. Im confused" ok to cut short, I list down things below on how he acting now. Aside that, we are working tgtr now but he is leaving for another company by end of december. Ok so here the things,

▪︎He gets frustrated when theres a work friend of mine trynna go for me.(Im not sure if he's jealous)

▪︎ Upon going home, he waited for me. But i told him he can go first. But he wait. And i ask him which way he going (he can go both ways btw but i can only go one way) i told him he can go way A and ill go way B. But he insist and said, its ok, ill just go B with you.

▪︎When he having light food , he ask me to taste and then he feed me.

▪︎i caught him looking at me alot of times at work

▪︎In the past when we were in a relationship, i did told him alot of times to take motor license. And suddenly, today, he is talking to me abt his plans once he's going to his new job. He also mentioned that he is taking motor license out of sudden. (For 2yrs i ask him but he ignore and now he wants to out of sudden)

** What does his action means? What he wants? Im confused. And what should i do ??


Oh and also, earlier today, while going home, he mention he meeting his fren whom i knw and at same time i told him im going out as well. And he asked me "Who" and i just said "My friend" then few hrs later while otw home he ask me "Where u going" i did not respond him tht but instead i just say "im going home first then i go out" And he kept quiet.

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  • 2 months ago

    Since you're curious about what the guy wants, you need to ask him. We can't know the answer to that.

    Take care too

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  • 2 months ago

    The missing question is, "What do you want"? Address that, then make the steps. If you're on his schedule, you've got no one to blame but yourself.

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