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winter is good-his hoar delights?

can someone help me find the tone of this poem by emily dickinson and the rhyme scheme, i’m stuck and can’t think 

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  • 2 months ago

    The rhyme scheme enforces the slant rime predilection with the ABAB approximation in each stanza. All of the rhymes are near or slant in the first stanza, while the second boasts a perfect rime in Rose/goes.

    The speaker claims rather blandly that "Winter is good" but quickly adds not so plainly that his frost is delightful. That winter’s frost would delight one, however, depends on the individual’s ability to achieve a level of drunkenness with "Summer" or "the World." The tone then is being sarcastic about winter. The paradox of being "welcome" when "he goes" offers an apt conclusion to this tongue-in-cheek, left-handed praise of the coldest season. The speaker leaves the reader assured that although she recognizes and even loves winter, she can well do without his more stark realities as she welcomes spring and welcomes saying good-bye to the winter months.

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