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Am I wrong for wanting to be back with my bf of 5 yrs after he has admitted cheating on me?

 My boyfriend and I have been together for five years he is the love of my life we have a one-year-old son together. A year in our relationship I found out he was cheating yes I forgave him. Thinking things would change because he promised me that it would. Last night he made a confession of cheating on me 2 years ago again with several different women. Im so hurt that i cant even breathe. His excuse was because he thought I was cheating on him, and that he was young. He wanted me to be ok with it. But I forgave him once before. I dont care if it did happen years ago its like it was yesterday. He then begs me not to leave him, but i tell him he is nasty and a horrible person. We then get into an argument and he then says we dont need to be together, but he then says that he doesnt want to be with me all of a sudden becasue he feels im not being real with him. I dont know what to do, i dont want to loose him but he seems to use reverse psychology on me. Now i feel like crap.

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    He is the one not being real.

    He continues to cheat on you.

    He isn't and hasn't been "your" boyfriend.

    It is his own guilt of him cheating that he blames you for his conduct.

    He isn't honest. He is deceptive. Who knows what else he is hiding.

    He could contract STDs and give STDs to you.

    And you want this loser back...

    Start thinking about the welfare of your child and yourself.

    You aren't his only "girlfriend".

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    yes. move on............................

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