My Twitter account has been hacked. What can I do since Twitter will not fix the problem nor even admit that there is a problem?

Two or three months ago Twitter emailed me that BeytullahAkinci is following me.I do not know this person but I. thought nothing of it. For about a month now when I log into Twitter with my username and password the page for BeytullahAkinci comes up. When I click on Profile his profile comes up. I cannot access my account. I have contacted Twitter at least a dozen times about this problem but they have  not solved the problem nor even admitted there is a problem. About two weeks ago Twitter told me to  change my password, which  I did, but the problem was not solved. All of the responses to my complaint are either 1. They say that I logged in from a new location. I log in from a computer in Rabat but get BeytullahAkinci's Twitter account.He logs in from Hong Kong and gets his account which is also my account, sort of. Can Twitter not see that the log ins are on the same day and from cities thousands of kilometers apart? or 2.They say that the email adress I give in my mesage does not match the one listed with the account. I respond and say that the email address in my messge IS my email address and is the same email address I used to set up the account over a dacade ago. 

It is not just the inconvenience but I am afraid he might try to steal my identity.

What can I do?

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