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Is it wrong to eat regular NON SUGAR FREE jello (jelly) if you are pre-diabetic?

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    You can eat it in moderation, but you need to allow for the carbohydrate content and adjust the rest of your diet to regulate total carb intake.

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  • Pre-diabetic is something made up by the drug companies so they can sell more of their products.  It's like "borderline" hypertension and "borderline" lipid levels.  You do not have diabetes, but your blood sugar was higher than "recommended" levels last time it was checked.  Get yourself a blood glucose test kit (they're cheap enough) and check your blood sugar levels at different times of the day.  That will tell you what foods affect you and what foods don't.  It can be totally counter-intuitive.

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      Except I'm in New Zealand and no one was trying to sell me any drugs for it and in fact said I didn't need drugs because I'm not diabetic at this point but that I need to watch my diet. I just have these little tiny jellies with pear in them I buy for my son but they are so yummy I've been.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    its wrong to eat anything derived from animals at any time

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