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could a native speaker correct this text for me, please?

So I was finally able to find a job. It's only a few a days a week and it's optimal for me because I have some health issues therefore my body can't handle a full time job. I really love it. To be honest the first days were torture because I've never been on my feet for so long, and after a few hours my feet would hurt like crazy. Then I tried a cream and some insoles and I was able to solve the problem. I have to talk to people, but it's really fine. Usually I'm not a people person, but you don't have to deal with them that much. You should just ask them weather they would be interested in buying your product, so you don't have to talk to them a lot. Also the pay is not that low. I was a bit surprised when a friend told me that he admires me for what I do, because he knows people who would rather die than have a job like that... which is weird, I actually think I'm really lucky... Also the first times I was the one who had to answer to any job ad I would find, and nobody would hire me. I would spend the whole day answering to those ads. Now it's the other way around: it's the companies who keep calling me. I'm still a little preoccupied about the future, I know that those companies hire young people... what am I gonna do when I'll be 35?? My mum wants me to work at a supermarket but I really don't want to...

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