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Had a huge argument with my dad. What the hell do I do now (read below)?

One of the things in our workday that has been a source of contention is that I take a dose of fast acting insulin before each meal, because Dad keeps finding ways to waste my time, so that I have to either skip a dose (because of two meals getting too close to each other and having to skip one) or reschedule the next meal two hours out.

Today, he found a new way to do that.

On the way home, I promised Mom we would stop at Walmart to pick something up for dinner. Dad mentioned that we were out of Velveeta cheese blocks, which he eats as a low carb snack.

Dad decided to go in. This was at 7:17 p.m., which was too close for comfort. So I thought if I got the stuff as quickly as I could and went back to the van, he would get the message.

He didn't. I was in and out of the store in less than five minutes. 10 minutes later, he called me. Said he was waiting at the register, and could I come look at what he had?

The first thing I saw in the basket was Welch's grape juice mix. Pure sugar. I got mad. He had a big bag of chips, a jar of cheese sauce (you wouldn't think it would be high carb, but it is), and some low carb items. I put the bad stuff back, got him some single serve chip bags, and some Crystal Light singles. I tried to get him to wait while I brought the van around, but he rode over to the van, then asked me to take the scooter back. By the time I did that, it was 20 to 8, too late for me to eat or take my insulin. The door was locked, and I was (check update)


...already mad, so I banged on the window. He said if I was going to be like that, I could be that way elsewhere, so I started walking home.

Even though I came back for him, he didn't say a damn word to me all night, didn't eat in the same room with us, and sat at his computer, working on my work hours to figure out what he owed me.

I don't feel like I'm the bad guy here, but I think he wants to fire me.

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    Can you carry low carb bars and insulin?  Your Mom will talk to him.

    He has no understanding,  caring.

    This will all be online what to do, to bring.

    You might have to SNEAK your snack!

    Lot of strange people.

    You can't tell the truth to everybody. 

    Even if he fired you, he'd call you, or YOU'D  get another helper position. 

    But you made him feel stupid at Walmart.  Nah, unh.  Just add, DON'T remove.

    Just say you need this and this.

    Try to relax, do your herbs, bowls, calm breathing.

    Life is full of that.

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