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Is this a sexual crime?Can i take action?

There was a guy in school who was interested in me and he told me that he likes me and i politely told him that i dont feel the same.

But ever since then he's had it against.He coudnt take this rejection well.I run into him a lot and i can clearly say from his body language that he dislikes me now and feels as though I've really wronged him.

He hasn't spoken to me for months.

Today he texted me and told me he wants me to know something.He told me that someone in his class said that im a *****.I asked him who is it....and he said he can't tell me the name.I think it's actually him who called me that and he is insulting me in the third person.Its basically his way of calling me a *****.Being called a ***** is a very hurtful and terrible thing for any girl.

So can i report him to the cops?Is this considered as a sexual crime?Will this be taken seriously?

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    There are bad manners and there are crimes.  I couldn't imagine this being taken seriously as a crime or we would have the entire teenage population in prison.  Why are you reading his texts?  Why do you care what he says or doesn't say?  So far the problem exists only in your mind

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  • kristy
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    1 month ago

    He’s a loser. I’d sweet talk a couple of my guy friends into beating his azz up.

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  • Phil
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    1 month ago

    You can at least discuss the matter with the police,

    and until they tell you if this is or is not a police matter/ sexual crime you need not mention his name.

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