What to do if I got too drunk and embarrassed myself in front of my crush? ?

So basically I went on a barcrawl with some friends in the afternoon. I got drunk but was a good drunk. My friend and I were texting this guy to come and join us who we both think is hot. He meets up with me at my apartment with a friend and long story short I took way too many shots and by the time we got to the bar I was blacked. He apparently carried me home after an hour and when I’m drunk I am super affectionate so I was apparently all over him with hugs, sitting on his lap, acting like a koala when he picked me up, and in general just being touchy. He was also decently drunk too but nowhere near my level. He asked if I dated this one mutual friend and my roommate said no and that I have a type. He asked my type and I said older guys (he’s older) but no specifics. His roommate goes, “so Sam (crush)?” And apparently neither me or my roommate responded. Also to get me to bed my roommate goes, “just stand in her room so she follows” and he goes, “I can’t go in there do you know what would happen if I did?” And was apparently smiling. I woke up the next day and felt the most embarrassed I ever felt in my entire life and texted him an apology. He told me to not be sorry and that he was even still hungover, but I feel so embarrassed and ridiculous. Also just for context, this guy has a girlfriend of many years who are very on and off but I would never do anything I’m not a home wrecker. How can I ever face him again? 


Also for context we have hungout a few times in groups and he has tamely flirted with me in person and in text. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Who hasn't done something foolish when they have had a lot to drink?

    And what male is going to complain if a girl is all over him?  There is nothing to face except the fact that you got drunk. And most men have done that too.

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  • 1 month ago

    The one time I got drunk and embarrassed myself in front of some guys, an older friend advised me that if I laughed at myself, it would be much harder for them to laugh at me. So saying something like "I really made a fool of myself the other night, didn't I?" or "No idea what I said or did- what a night!" will go a long way to make you seem cool. 

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