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Can people with ADHD or Asperger Syndrome be soldiers or officers in your countries,? Why files even primary school are important?

For example, I was rejected from the then (in 2004) compulsory military service (abolished in 2009) not because I had Asperger Syndrome, but because I was diagnosed with epilepsy, which I had not had since I was 13, I suspect my mother snitched me :-)

We do not have army recruitment anymore, but still every boy who turns 18 in a given year, as well as girls who graduate from medical schools, such as nursing schools, or who later graduate from medical schools, must also register in the conscript base .

And my friend had such a plan to become a doctor, medical studies are completely free in Poland, but you have to have very good results at high school final exams, my friend had such a plan to use compulsory military service, in his favor, not avoid military service and on the contrary enroll in an officer's school, and the Polish army will send him to medical studies and will pay for it, he also worked actively in the Polish Red Cross to improve his record :-)

Well, my friend brought them a letter of recommendation from a psychiatrist that he was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) but according to psychiatrists he is suitable for both military service and is a good candidate for being an officer in the Polish Army, he did not hide this fact if he concealed it, it would not be a crime, because apparently in the British Army and the American Army it is,....


but not in Poland, but he wanted to be honest, because he preferred them to find out from him than they would have to find it :-)

Update 2:

But he had other problem In Poland we had religious lesson un school it's usually understood as a lesson of Christianity in its Catholic version but can be Protestant, Judaism, Muslim depending on family believe they are not obligatory, but parents could force their child until it reaches 15 years old to attend, it's not obligatory but if parents or kid chose it's is counted toward average grade :-) 

Update 3:

You can also send a child to classes in ethics understood as classes in philosophy, also not obligatory, but calculated to the average.

Update 4:

Well, I read the story of a guy from ADHD, who for a kid, parents who were very God-fearing forced to go to a (Catholic) religion class, and he was rather atheizing, they could do it because according to our constitution, parents can educate a kid according to their religious beliefs up to 15 years old.

This guy was then 14 years old wrote on the school board "AVE SATAN 666" was a great scandal, he threatened to get a grade 1 corresponding to grade F in the Anglo-Saxon education system :-)

Update 5:

As I said 

Religion lessons, no matter what, are not compulsory, but when a parent or child decides to do so, they are counted in the average grade and affect promotions to the next class

Update 6:

That guy from ADHD pissed off the catechist and threatened that he would not even pass to the next class because of that joke. The only solution they had was to write an application to the school board through a local school pedagogical\psychological clinic, to release down classes and cancel grades during the school year.

Update 7:

The guy got a psychological opinion that due to the overtly hostile attitude towards the Christian religion, with the Catholic rite in particular, and that the boy has ADHD (which was known before) and the sharp temperament, the psychological commission is asking the regional school board to release the boy completely from further participation in classes in religion, and cancelling and not counting grades from this semester to the average grade :-)

Update 8:

He knew that he could normally enlist in the army or become an NCO, but to get into officer's school he might have a problem, in the end, he was accepted :-) And he even eventually stopped by atheist, he was such because he not liked when someone decides something for him even if that was his parents :-)

Update 9:

But my friends and I were wondering how it is in British or American officers' schools, like Sandhurst or Westpoint, are these colleges digging through old junior high school papers that someone did not like religion, and maybe did not eat carrots from the school canteen? :-)

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    No, US military schools don't have to dig through  obscure school records. Candidates have to state their fitness by listing their activities. OCD such as you demonstrate would pop up very quickly.

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    Never happen ever

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