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Do women who never get any attention from men or never get men like their photos on social media because they are unattractive get depressed?

Im curious, most women that are at least above average or close to average attractiveness usually have at least a few guys interested in them who'd love to take them out on a date. And the women at the top get tons of guys asking them out. Men typically only go for the top 70 percent of women and the bottom 30 percent get ignored completely.

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    In my experience, i don't "rate" people by the way they look, even when i date. I do prefer to go out with someone who is well-groomed, and who cares about how they present themselves, is pleasant and behaves like a gentleman. And then, i also have to feel some attraction, or i won't go out with them at all. I don't see the point if there's no attraction or interest

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