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Hi. Should I use this exercise machine?

Hi. I used a similar exercise machine in the left of the photo to pull weight but I had mild neck and upper back pain after that.

Should I avoid this machine and buy mini dumbbells instead? I am middle aged and newbie.

Thank you for your time!!

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    It depends. Many people who are new to lifting weights are unaware of what soreness and DOMS feel like. So if you're sore don't avoid that machine keep it up. If you're in actual pain, as in you cannot do certain activities as a result of the pain then you should stop.

    Also if you're going to try new machines and you're a newbie check out videos on youtube to make sure that you're using the machine properly and that you also have good form. That machine is a seated Lat pull down machine

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    Form matters whether you use a machine or dumbbells. Whatever you choose, make sure your form is correct and that you're activating the correct muscles for the exercise you're doing (and not using too much weight/resistance for your current ability). 

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    Benefits of using

    Boost your stamina and cardio capacity. ...

    Burn a lot of calories. ...

    Put less stress on your joints. ...

    Get both an upper and lower body workout. ...

    Burn body fat. ...

    Target specific leg muscles. ...

    Improve your balance. ...

    Maintain fitness after injury.

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