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Science 10 Determine the experimental specific heat capacity of the copper and please show work?

Also if I did any of these wrong please correct me very much appreciated 😊


For (a) it was asking what the final temperature of the copper is and explain why i said it’s 33.5 c because the copper is placed inside the calorimeter cup with water.

(B) determine the temperature change of the copper object

I put 33.5 c - 98.9 c = -65.4 c

(C) determine the temperature change of the water

I put 33.5 c - 22 c = 11.5 c

(D) if the specific heat capacity of water is 4.19 j/g•c, calculate the energy absorbed by the water

I did 63 x 11.5 x 4.19 = 3035.6 -> 3036

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    I would but I can't read that.

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