had a affair?

I had a affair with my sister-in-law, did not sleep with her, most of conversations were just about seeing each other in the future. I had my girlfriend for 5 years and she has now left me by her choice. I could not decide who I wanted more 

The sister in law has 2 children girls and she has now left her husband about a month ago now, due to the fact she had other feelings for someone else and felt her relationship was falling apart before me. I know I made a huge mistake in my life and everyday wish I had my girlfriend back to try and fix things with her, as not everything was negative in our relationship, I just felt something was missing and I guess I seen that in the other person.

My girlfriend has told me to respect her and leave her alone to not text or contact her anymore. I still talk with the person I had the affair with as shes now single, but question I guess I ask myself is does that ever work. Knowing my ex is still in the affairs person life as she is still a aunt to the kids. I have a hard time getting past my gf that i feel like i hurt so much and I have no good reason why I did it besides feeling like a complete loser. I have told I am sorry, but sorry doesnt mean anything, the trust would be broken forever. But I was willing to give everything up to my gf to try and make things work but she wasnt willing to do so..

If I had something with the sister-in-law do I continue to purse that and see if somethings there or just move on completly from it all?

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  • MCM
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    1 month ago

    U can Persue any women u want except the one u love , u ruined that

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  • 1 month ago

    Sister in law certainly complicates things.  Effectively if you remain in the picture then you come between two sisters.  That isn't likely to go well.  If it was anyone else  would say "pursue it and see where it leads".  In this case you would be better moving away completely.

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