ANU for Business Administration or University of Sydney for Economics ? ?

i love business it teaches how to earn money for yourself and learning how to earn money drives me with passion! As for Economics specialising in how the country and the world earns money interest me especially the political part is as though I am reading a story! But very bad at math I lack in basic and often gets calculation mistakes I can’t find. Don’t know which is more suitable for me I understand Business administration requires large amount of information for analysis and I do get lazy when reading but Economics calculations intrigue me but I am bad at math but being close to politics does intrigue me to specialise in Economics rather then Business administration providing general knowledge of all kind. 

The problem I face is ANU situated in Canberra seems to be pretty dead I watched all kinds of videos and read articles on the internet but seems too boring to live in is what’s preventing me from making a decision. Even though it seems to be a perfect environment to study with high percentages of educated people and have less racism compared to Sydney offering a vibrant city the environment I grew up in with easier access to things. 

ANU overall has a better ranking then Sydney but both Universities does not do best in the course I’ve been accepted. 

Rankings could be inaccurate so willing to assess with the lecturers, name value and if a rural or urban environment would be more suitable for my education and future taking into account I have to work part time. 

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  • 2 months ago

    You need superior skills in math & statistics for economics. You need excellent math skills in business, too, as it's all about the numbers (not just in accounting). If you are very bad in math, as you say, you're targeting the wrong fields for you.

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