What does it mean to dream of valhalla?

I awoke on a mountain but this mountain was not of natural creation for structures of gold and silver shined beneath below the mountain a village of ancient inns and stores and houses bussled with people that were happy and content. I turned around and I beheld a hall and i knew in my heart it was ancient but I opened the doors and I was greeted with the sight of thousands of people sitting at an endless table and the smell hit me roasting meet with spices I had never in my life encountered and the smell of alcohol was strong someone staggered over and with a smile handed me a chalice filled with beer and said to me we have been waiting for you. I raised my chalice and everyone in the hall cheered and drank deeply from their cups I too drank deeply and my cup never seemed to empty. I smiled and up until that point I hadnt been able to speak but I said one word. Valhalla. So I guess my question is does this dream mean anything significant? I usually have nightmares but this was a change of pace for me.

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  • D50
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    I think it means the valkyrie is coming for you soon. If you haven't made out a will, do it now.

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