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I keep saying the wrong words when I’m talking and it’s kinda starting to worry me?

This has been an issue over the past couple years. I’d be talking, having a normal conversation, and all the of sudden I’d say a word totally different from what I was thinking. One time I was backing out of a parking spot with a friend in the passenger seat and this car decided to stop right behind me, causing me to almost hit their side. So I shout, “GET OUT OF MY WAY TREE,” when it’s obviously a car?! And sometimes I’ll completely fumble on my words with no idea why. I usually cover all of this up by doing the common, “fbkhgmeh, yeah apparently I can’t talk today.” Honestly it’s really starting to annoy me because when I’m trying to have a normal conversation with someone, my brain decides to malfunction in the middle of it lol and makes me seem like an idiot. I’ve researched this, but nobody has a situation like this. They may mix up their words, but they don’t instantly realize it like I do. By the way, I’m a seventeen year old female if that’s any help. Thanks if you have an answer!! (:

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    You can slowly correct this problem if you think several seconds before you speak by forming the correct words in your "mind's -eye," and it will take time to master this technique. In your bedroom, look in the mirror and begin thinking of words you want to understand before you speak. There is probably some stress you have that blocks you from speaking correctly at times.


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    Couple things. Medication can cause this. So if you're taking something legal. Talk to your doctor. Something not legal... I'd stop. It can also be something serious but for it to be happening for awhile and no other signs?? Would be weird if it was a sign of a stroke or tumor. Could be exhaustion. Being as you're 17 I can only assume your parents would have to agree to take you to the doctors. If you're honest with them and ask if you could get checked out and they say no. Than next time you're sick and they take you. Hell if you break a bone. Bring it up. I was 12 years old when I was having horrible pain on my left side. Happen every couple of months for a year until it happened every month. My mother refuse to take me. Until I was on my death bed and turned out my fallopian tube was twisted and filled with blood and was two days away from bursting and killing me. So never let age make you think you should automatically be healthy.

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