Why is college filled with haters?

Okay so it's my 3rd month in college and I'm doing dental assistant career. I have a class filled with young women and 1 mature woman. It's only 11 of us , very small class.So I tried being friendly with some girls to make friends,no fakeness, my true sincere towards them. And it seems like no one wants to speak to me they talk but when its lunch time or break they spread out and have their own clique. I'm a loner with girls. And I'm shy to speak to others in other classes cause I feel as if all women can be shitty. And they're are few guys but I dont have them in my class I'm curious to get to know them, but I feel dumb cause I dont know what to say, and I dont want to feel thirsty towards them.Advice?


I'm stuck with just that one class with 11. So I dont have a chance to meet others .

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