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Why are my struggles limited to incline press?

It's getting heavy dumbbells up to start point. Weight I can rep 3/4/5 is usually too heavy to get up from floor. I waste 2 reps getting it up.

With heavy flat bench at least I am able to roll back and push out a few.

My shoulders, biceps are in shape. I do 12-15 sets per body part, 3 times week.

I can handle/row 90-95 lb dumbbells for back. However raising 70's up to shoulders. Meh.

I've always slacked working out forearms. I guess this would help.

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  • 1 month ago

    When I'm doing dumbell incline press I keep them on my thigh/knee and then I literally lift/shoot my leg up as a boost to get it in the air and then at that point I just control it with my hand and lean back.

    Also I will say doing 12-15 reps is a very different type of muscle training compared to 3/4/5. You didn't really say if you go 3/4/5 often. 12-15 reps you're going to have good stamina, lots of control, and good tone. However, if all you do is 12-15 exercises your ability to lift heavy is reduced. If you want more information on what I'm discussing do some research on fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscle fibers.

    • MARTYY1 month agoReport

      Sorry. 12-15 sets. Reps 6-8.

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