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Should I sing “Seventeen” from The Heathers as my solo audition for my school musical? ?

I’m a soprano and it’s a solo audition so would it be weird to sing it since the song is considered a duet? I only have to do a minute so I don’t have to include a lot of the duet and I figure I will sing some of JD’s parts (that don’t overlap with Veronica’s) in the same tone as the rest of the song. Plz help I’ve never tried out before I’m so nervous 😰

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    The song is not a duet. Any song can be sung as a duet. You being a soprano has nothing to do with what song you sing. If you're singing alone that's a solo not a duet. When two people sing a song in harmony that's called a duet. You're looking for help in the wrong place. You don't go on line to ask strangers what you should sing. If you don't know what you sing best then you shouldn't be auditioning.

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