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Is it normal to not believe in breaks/ friendships after a relationship ? ?

My boyfriend of 2 months broke up with me last week. He got angry because I told him we couldn’t be friends and we can not date again. During our relationship girls always texted him and called him. His exes would even show up to the house. And he started to text less and become distant. So I felt a “break” would be for him to explore those horizons again and I feel like why would you want to take a break from someone you “love” meaning I’ll be single and able to be with who i want. I understand taking a break like perhaps not seeing each other for a week or something. But to fully break the relationship I just can’t understand that. He called me selfish and stupid. I understand everyone has things they believe in but even my friends are telling me I’m being too harsh about not being friends with him and not taking a break. I hear many people take breaks. And break up get back together. But I don’t believe in it. Is this bad ?

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    Totes.  Sounds like you're confused by the word "break".  Usually "taking a break" is someone's way of letting you down easy because they don't want to hurt your feelings.  It's respect.

    Why would you still want to be friends with that person if you have feelings for them?  You're just gonna keep reopening the wound and hurting yourself all over again.  

    It's over.  Move on.

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