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Guyss. Helppp. Why is he giving mixed signals ?

My bf ask for a breakup a week ago. And out of sudden, he talk to me like normal. Last night, we went out for dinner then he sent me home. Upon sending home, i told him i want to talk and he is fine with it. Between our talks, i asked him, "what are we? At first you said u want a break up then u said u want space i gave u all that. Now u suddenly treat me like this. So what are we?" And he replied, "I don't know. Im just confused" ok skip to that. As we talk i did bring up this and said to him "dont give me hope. If u dont want me, ill move on with my life and not waste time and just go on a date or smtg" he respond me quickly and said "go ahead." Also i said, "then lets not contact,be friends or talk or whatever bcs i dont want to have hope" and he just respond me by nodding his head. (Sign of ok..) Guys, why is he acting this way??i dont understand. He keeps saying he is confused. He is afraid of going back into rs with me. And now, we talk to each other very normal and im confused now. Pls help.

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    He’s most definitely sleeping with someone else 

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